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Moving Beyond Love and Acceptance

Could we be “loving sinners to death” in our eagerness to not offend them in their open rebellion to God?

By Ron Woolsey

It seems to me that a very dangerous theological trend has developed among Christians of late. It is the idea that we are to just love and accept everybody as they are and incorporate them into church fellowship without helping them feel guilt for their open sin and a desire to change.

I believe that if we are not careful, we will literally be loving people to death and accepting them in their lost condition without offering them the deliverance from bondage Jesus so wants them to have. Indeed, He lived and ministered and died to save His people from their sins, not in them.

A demonstration of love and unconditional acceptance towards someone can very easily lapse into indulgence. If our “love and acceptance” leaves a person feeling complacent in his sin, then our love is not really love at all, but rather a placating of sin. This endangers

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About the author

Ron Woolsey lived the homosexual lifestyle for 20 years until he had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. He is an international speaker sharing the message of God’s power to overcome sexual temptation. He is a cofounder/codirector of Coming Out Ministries: