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Life of Faith

Escape to the Light

As the world grows darker, look for and follow the light!

By Gillian Bethel

If we could travel back to Egypt on a certain date in the time of the pharaohs, we would find a very curious situation. The region of Goshen, where the Hebrew slaves live, is bright and sunny while the rest of Egypt is enveloped in a terrifying three-day supernatural darkness. It’s one of 10 horrible plagues God sent to Egypt because of the pharaoh’s stubborn refusal to do what He commanded: “Let My people go.” Exod. 7:16. The Hebrews, who were willing to follow God’s instructions, had light for the same period. We will see spiritual parallels here.

Light and darkness are still very emotive today. Few people are comfortable in pitch blackness. Symbolically, too, “bright” is good, and “dark” is bad. We want bright prospects, bright thoughts, and bright lives, not dark ones. So when the Bible uses darkness and light descriptively and metaphorically, we can relate. And

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About the author

Gillian Bethel is the associate editor of Last Generation magazine.