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The Last Word

“Lie to Me”

What happens when we are only willing to accept a version of truth that aligns with our feelings?

By Betsy Mayer

No one wants to be labeled “fat.” Not to worry—in a post-truth world you can now find clothing in a size “small” that can accommodate your denial! Whole retail chains are built around the desperate need to be lied to about one’s growing girth. 

Our culture of lies even involves our children. We can now bully teachers into giving our children A’s or even pay someone to take our children’s entrance exams into elite schools. Are our children too fragile to be told the truth about their actual work? Or is it the parents’ egos that are too fragile? (One mother angrily confronted her child’s English teacher for a D grade on an essay: “I’m a college English professor and that essay should have received an A! I know because I wrote it!”)

But there are far more serious signs that our culture

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About the author

Betsy Mayer is the managing editor of Last Generation.