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To disregard the dark history of the Inquisition is to imperil our hard-won civil and religious freedoms.

By Hal Mayer

“And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.” Rev. 12:13.

The book of Revelation depicts a period of history when God’s people were to be persecuted by the enemies of God and His truth. It also specifies the exact length of time for this period—1,260 years.* See Rev. 12:6, 14.

A portion of this prophecy spanned the period of history known as the Dark Ages, a time characterized by illiteracy, superstition, and the abuse of human rights. Twenty-first century governments are in danger of forgetting the significant lessons learned from the Dark Ages and the impact of these lessons on the framing and development of modern societies and human rights.

The Dark Ages Develop

Of all the features of medieval society, nothing was more instrumental in darkening civilization than Rome’s use of the Inquisition to silence dissent

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About the author

Hal Mayer is the speaker/director of Keep the Faith Ministry and teaches Christian history. He collects antiquarian materials about the Protestant Reformation and pre-Roman Catholic Christianity.