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Family of God

Preserving the Family

Dads, what are you doing to protect your most valuable asset—your family?

By Tom Waters

Have you noticed the intensity of the world we live in? Have you felt its effects in your family? We live in a generation where all of our time-saving conveniences and technology have only increased our pace and pressured us to pack more into a day. We’ve incurred an all-time, record-high national debt. Families are encouraged to overextend financially, creating greater stress and pressure. And all this undermines family security, time to relax together, even time to sit around the same table and eat a meal together.

Think for a moment: What are you doing to preserve the most valuable asset you have—your family? Are you allowing all the forces of influence “out there” to destroy the happiness and security of the family “in here?”

A Lesson I Learned from My Dad

I remember when I was eight years old, my parents told my 16-year-old brother

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About the author

Tom Waters is the cofounder of Restoration International, a ministry that encourages others in their walk with God and helps them to have vibrant, loving marriages and happy homes. For more of their wonderful resources, visit