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Children in Church

Here’s what God taught me about training children to be reverent in church.

By Kasey Norton

When my first son was very small and I was expecting my second, two very different approaches to child training, specifically pertaining to reverence in church, were cast at me by two sweet and well-meaning women.

The first school of thought was that children ought to be still and perfectly quiet during church. They should be taught early not to utter a peep. It’s what the Lord requires, she said.

The second belief was that children are children and ought not to be repressed. They’re naturally wiggly and not naturally quiet. If the pastor can’t speak over them or preach undistracted by them, he probably needs to find a different job.

I wasn’t particularly convinced by either of these clearly opposing views.

And so I prayed and studied the best I knew how and came to my own conclusion of how my children should behave in

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About the author

Kasey Norton and her family have been missionaries in Sukhothai, Thailand, since 2019. In that time God has added to their family six Thai children, a church plant, an English language school, a food ministry, and a soon-to-be-licensed children’s home. Track the work God is doing in Sukhothai at