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Windows on the Creator

The Great Night Reflector

God calls us to mirror His light just as the moon reflects the light of the sun.

By Hannah Hill

When God created this world, He gave us a burning ball of fire to light up the day. What He gave to illumine the night, however, was just a big ball of rock and dust that had no light of its own—the moon. But this seemingly insufficient sphere was given the task of lighting up the night sky. How? By reflecting the light of the sun. Next to the sun, the little light that the moon reflects is hardly noticed, but wait until darkness settles in, and its light becomes bright and clear. 

As I’ve spent time looking up at the moon in the dark night sky, God has taught me some important lessons about the Christian journey.   

We too have been called, not to shine with light of our own, but, just like the moon, to reflect light. That light is

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About the author

Hannah Hill is a missionary with a passion for finding the personal, practical aspects in the truths of the Bible. She currently lives with her husband in Thailand. Follow their experiences on their YouTube channel, Mission Viewfinder