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Sabbath Before Sinai

At Creation—more than two thousand years before Sinai—God blessed the seventh day as a day of worship and rest for all people.

By Dane Griffin

You’ve probably heard it many times before. It’s a standard reply when someone is asked why he or she doesn’t worship on the Bible Sabbath—Saturday. 

“Saturday? Why, that’s the Jewish Sabbath! God gave it to the Jews on Mount Sinai along with the Ten Commandments. But we worship on Sunday, the Lord’s day.” Then the subject is changed with not another thought about the accuracy of the answer.

Many Christians today honestly believe that Saturday is just a Jewish Sabbath, first mentioned in Exodus 20:8–11 when God gave Israel His law from Sinai. But a careful study of Genesis and the first chapters of Exodus reveal a different story. Let us examine the facts from three different stories before Sinai.

Cain and Abel 

“Where no law is, there is no transgression.” Rom. 4:15. If no law existed before Sinai, if

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About the author

The late Dane Griffin was an international speaker, conducting seminars on the sanctuary, Bible prophecy, health, and other timely topics.