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The Second Adam

Clothing His divinity with the liability of humanity, Christ willingly passed over the ground where Adam fell and redeemed Adam’s failure.

By Ellen G. White

After tempting Adam and Eve to sin, Satan claimed the earth as his and styled himself the prince of this world. Having conformed to his own nature the father and mother of our race, he thought to establish here his empire. He declared that men had chosen him as their sovereign. Through his control of men, he held dominion over the world. 

Christ came to disprove Satan’s claim. As the Son of man, Christ would stand loyal to God. Thus, it would be shown that Satan had not gained complete control of the human race and that his claim to the world was false. All who desired deliverance from his power would be set free. The dominion that Adam had lost through sin would be recovered.

Christ came to disprove Satan’s claims to the dominion of our world and the control of humankind. 

But when Adam

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About the author

Compiled from The Desire of Ages, “The Temptation,” and The Youth’s Instructor, June 2, 1898. Ellen G. White (1827–1915) was a Christian author and speaker whose inspirational writings have been translated worldwide.