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Life of Faith

The Bible’s Grand Theme

What is the golden thread running through the 66 books of the Bible?

Browse through a Bible, and you’ll find riveting stories, detailed genealogies, instructions for rituals, historical records, passionate poems, profound proverbs, apocalyptic visions, and more.

The Bible is not just one book, but a collection of 66 books. It was composed over 1,500 years by multiple authors writing on three continents. Yet all these books are connected by one unifying message.

When Adam and Eve bit into that forbidden fruit, everything in their world changed. God had created them to live eternally happy and pure in a relationship of love and trust with Him. But by disobeying God, they ushered sin into the world, and with it, misery and death.

Just like a terrible epidemic can reduce a healthy, vibrant population to pitiful human wrecks, so sin invaded every aspect of earthly existence. Longevity, physical appearance, health, morality, relationships, nature and ecology—all were negatively affected. The most devastating consequence was that

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