Vol. 30 No. 4

Can We Trust the Bible?

As a pandemic threatens our lives and our livelihoods, is it even relevant?

Articles in this issue

Why Trust the Bible?

The Bible's predictions, stellar medical advice, and unfailing promises speak not only to its divine authorship, but also to you and me personally.

Is the Bible Still Relevant for Our World?

Ahead of Their Time

The Bible's health principles are still at the forefront of preventing chronic disease and pandemics.

A Superior Morality

The Bible’s morality is based on love and impartial justice—unlike anything else written at its time.

Bizarre Laws and Backward Practices

Does the Bible condone slavery, polygamy, and other primitive practices?

The Trial of Jesus

An allegory based on the gospels

The Internal Witness of the Gospels

The four Gospels provide plenty of solid reasons to trust their historical accuracy.

He Is Risen!

Examining the New Testament’s most audacious claim

Illuminating the Bible

Recent Discoveries from Archaeology and History

Daniel In the Critics’ Den

The Impossible Test - Does the Bible Predict the Future?

Fulfilled prophecy stands up to the scrutiny of time.

Writing for God

How did God transmit His Word through multiple writers over more than 1,500 years?

How Faithfully Has the Bible Been Transmitted to Us?

If the Bible is inspired, how do you explain passages that contain conflicting details and apparent mistakes?

A God-Led Conversation

Practical principles for meaningful Bible study

Who Decided the Books in the Bible?

Answers to your Questions

Who Decided Which Books Should Be Included in the Bible?

This Beautiful Book

Wherever the Bible goes, it opens doors for mental and cultural development, inspires the highest expression of art, and motivates the deepest humanitarian impulses.

The Bible’s Ultimate Test

I thought I didn’t like the God of the Bible— if He even existed. But the Bible’s promises were so reassuring. Would they work for me?

Promises from a God Who Cares

To encourage you in times of uncertainty and distress

The Stolen Bible

The Bible was missing from the table, and in its place was a great, sharp knife.

If the Bible is the inspired Word of God, how do you reconcile the inconsistencies that show up here and there? Or when Bible writers seem to contradict one another in relaying facts?

Answers to your questions

What Bible would you recommend for personal study? There are so many versions to choose from!

Answers to your Questions