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Writing for God

How did God transmit His Word through multiple writers over more than 1,500 years?

Question: How would you go about writing the world’s absolute best-seller across time—something that would leave the likes of Charles Dickens’ novels or J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series trailing in the dust?

Answer: First, coordinate the writing of 66 books by more than three dozen authors from all walks of life: kings, statesmen, prophets, shepherds, and fishermen. Never mind they lived one and a half millennia apart.

Next, make sure they all use the same themes and vocabulary, so that the books come together as a harmonious whole but cover varied topics. At the same time, pay attention to the content, that it would speak with equal power to all people, whether in the Iron Age or the Information Age. This tome would have to be so amazing that criminals reading it would be transformed into law-abiding citizens, geniuses would be stimulated by its wisdom, children would

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