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New Testament

He Is Risen!

Examining the New Testament’s most audacious claim

By Steve Allred

If I were to tell you that someone I knew had been raised from the dead, you’d think I was crazy. Yet, over the centuries, countless people have believed that Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead over 2,000 years ago. Why have so many believed in this seemingly impossible miracle? And, most importantly, how do we know that the Gospel writers were telling the truth about the resurrection of Jesus—the founding doctrine of the Christian Church?

The Claims of the Gospel

In the first century AD, Jews believed the Messiah would command an army and overthrow their Roman oppressors. Jesus’ 12 disciples subscribed to this popular teaching. So, when Jesus was crucified, their hopes were dashed, and they had serious doubts that Jesus was the promised Messiah. But the Gospel writers all agree that something miraculous happened three days later: Jesus rose from the dead! This event solidified the

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About the author

Steve Allred, an attorney and ordained minister, served as a church pastor for well over a decade and currently practices law in Auburn, California