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Is the Bible Still Relevant for Our World?

By Antonella Pedley

As I write these lines, it’s hard to ignore that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim thousands of vulnerable victims worldwide. Bare grocery shelves, companies laying off staff or folding up completely—is there anything left to hang on to in these times of uncertainty? Is there something that has withstood calamities far greater than this?

There is an ancient book that has shown just such extraordinary resilience.

During the iron grip of communist atheism in Romania, Bibles were extremely hard to find. In the early 1980s, the World Reform Alliance donated 20,000 Bibles to the Reformed Church in Romania. Tragically, on the orders of the country’s communist dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Bibles were turned into toilet paper. Believers were horrified to find Bible verses on purchased toilet rolls. “We don’t need Bibles anymore,” declared Ceaușescu in 1984 to George Shultz, the visiting American secretary of state

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About the author

Antonella Pedley is the principal contributor for this issue. She lives in Sweden and holds an MA in Ancient Religions from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.