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Why Trust the Bible?

The Bible's predictions, stellar medical advice, and unfailing promises speak not only to its divine authorship, but also to you and me personally.

By Eugene Prewitt

I live in a country where fewer than 2 percent of the population on the mainland identify as Christian. Most people here in West Malaysia are Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or Taoist. Free thinkers are not rare, either. So, when I worked in a health center last year, I enjoyed engaging the patients in a lecture on why I trust the Bible.

In short, I have three reasons. Two of these are objective reasons and are relevant to strangers and skeptics alike. One of them, a subjective reason, only holds water with those who have had time to get to know me.

Objective Evidence #1: The Future

First, I am completely amazed by predictive prophecy. Here are a few of the things that I have found predicted in Scripture:

  1. The rise of the Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman empires—in that order.
  2. The complete overthrow of the Hebrew Temple, including the largely unprecedented
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About the author

Eugene Prewitt writes from Perak, Malaysia, where he is the director of the Institute of East Asia Training, a Labuan company promoting holistic wellbeing in Asia.