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Life of Faith

Is There Hope for the Future?

If life on earth is weighing you down, have you considered looking up?

It’s no secret that planet Earth is a mess these days. Major news networks almost constantly carry shocking reports of deadly natural disasters, terrorist atrocities, violent crimes, political corruption, and economic woes. We hear of spiraling heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, even among young children. Such boiler-point pressures are taking their toll on everyone seeking to maintain sanity amid chaos.

Even if you and your family have managed to escape many of these difficulties, most homes still struggle with daily living. Countless fathers have so many bills to pay that they spend little quality time with their children. Many mothers are so overwhelmed with home responsibilities that they often sink beneath the strain. Caught in the middle of previously unimaginable stresses, children grow up too fast, face tougher times in school, and often develop harmful habits. Many kids spend thousands of hours playing addicting video games, some of which

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About the author

Reprinted with permission of Giving Light to Our World (GLOW), a ministry whose aim is to activate believers across the globe in spreading the gospel through small pocket-size tracts on such subjects as salvation, health, prayer, prophecy, and the reliability of the Bible. Check out their amazing array of topics and order some of your own to share with others.