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Who’s to Blame for Bad Weather?

What can the Bible teach us about the causes of bad weather?

By Eugene Prewitt

Is it God, Satan, chance, or global warming that sends bad weather? The Bible answers plainly.

God’s Role

First, the Bible shows that God is in control of the weather. For instance, even the winds “obey” Jesus when He commands them. Matt. 8:26, 27.

God made the world as a wonderful machine. The sun was made a proper distance and a proper size to warm the earth. The great volume of water in our atmosphere causes the earth to be temperate. The placement of the moon causes the tides that refresh the coastal areas and promote sea life. The water cycle cares for plants and animals alike, providing trillions of gallons of fresh water daily.

The lightning enriches the soil with nitrates. Periodic fires make way for new growth and remove natural clutter. The system of winds and air currents makes local weather similar from year to year, allowing plants and

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About the author

Eugene Prewitt is an educator, traveling speaker, and author. He directs the Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT), which educates young people to reach the various people groups of Southeast Asia. To listen to his presentations or read more of his articles, visit