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The Genesis Diet: Fulfilling a Dual Responsibility

God knew what was best for our bodies and the environment.

By Sabrina Petersen

I’m a lover of the great outdoors. Raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, I grew up looking out on jagged peaks and evergreen forests. Over the years, I’ve come to deeply enjoy hiking and backpacking, which open incredible opportunities for exploring these enchanting wilderness areas.

Along with my appreciation of God’s creation comes a sense of responsibility to care for it. It saddens me to think that my actions could be destroying the beauty I love so much. What can I do to ensure its preservation?

Environmental activists tell us that excessive greenhouse gas emissions like methane and carbon dioxide are the root of the climate change that is destroying this planet. To reverse this trend, they suggest that we live zero-waste, recycle, and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. However, we may be ignoring a very important piece of the climate health solution

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About the author

Sabrina Petersen is the associate editor for Last Generation. Passionate about healthful living, she is a certified plant-based nutritionist through the American Fitness Professionals Association.