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Did You Know Hummingbirds Cry?

As I mourned the brokenness in my life, God used a hummingbird to teach my perfectionist heart a lesson.

By Lisa Neuharth

I wish I could tell you I have a perfect life. But I don’t. I’m coming to realize as the years roll by that nobody does. I’m a perfectionist by nature, so it’s really hard for me to admit and accept that reality. I keep pushing for the perfect life—but sometimes life isn’t perfect. And sometimes my heart is broken by the pain in this world.

As a mother, nothing tugs on my heartstrings more than my children. We adopted our daughter the day before she turned 17—not the perfect life for her, not the perfect life for us. That year involved many heartbreaking moments in which I wondered, Does Jesus care? I found, though, that every time I sought Him in my need and cried out to Him for help, He was faithful to answer. I would think that after all

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About the author

Lisa Neuharth enjoys serving her family and her best Friend and Savior, Jesus Christ. Her family is involved in various ministries together. You can experience their music ministry at