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Tell Of His Power

A New Kind of Prison Ministry

An arrest turned into an opportunity for police officers to hear the truth.

By Ellainna Hart

It began as a normal day for David* and his wife Mary.* Together, they collected 1,000 sermon DVDs and fliers to share in the closed country where they live. Mary entered the markets, where most vendors are women, and David went to the bus stations, where most drivers are men. This witnessing strategy had worked for David and Mary before. But today there was trouble.

As Mary was handing a DVD to one interested woman, the woman’s husband, a police officer, showed up. He arrested Mary on the spot. Someone alerted David.

At the police station, Mary was taken into an interrogation room. At first, the police tried to intimidate David and Mary by yelling and pounding the table. But David protested, “I am a citizen. Government officials need to respect the people. This is not right.” After David’s protest, the first officers were replaced with others. David was

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About the author

Used with permission of ASAP (Advocates for Southeast Asians and the Persecuted), a ministry dedicated to multiplying disciples of Jesus through ethnic missionaries among the unreached in the 10/40 window. This article was first published at