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Submitting to Each Other

For the sake of unity in the family, in the community, and in the church, the Bible not only calls us to submit to God but also to one another.

By Yvonne Novlesky

My husband learned to love the game of curling as a young boy when his father would flood an ice rink in their Manitoba backyard and create “rocks” by freezing water in old jam cans. Curling teams would be organized in the neighborhood, and my husband’s father was the self-appointed skip (captain) of the family team. Much to his chagrin, my husband was invariably relegated to be the lead, whose role is to set up defense rocks. He quickly learned that curling is a gentleman’s sport and that all team members must submit to the skip’s directions for rock placement and sweeping. Unfortunately, while playing lead as a youngster, he rarely had the opportunity to take out the opponents’ rocks. Submission to the good of the team wasn’t always easy for a young boy whose position rarely allowed his rock to score the winning point. 

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