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Last Generation Unmasked!

Betsy Mayer // August 13, 2020

A few weeks ago, Teresa, our sales and subscription manager, was checking the office voicemail when she came across this message:

“Hello! I recently received your magazine Can We Trust the Bible? and I’m wondering if there is a Sabbath-keeping church nearby.”

The caller had read the article “Ahead of Their Time” about the Bible’s health principles and the way in which they can help protect against pandemics. The article mentions statistics about how those who practice biblical Sabbath-keeping, among other things, have better health than the general public.

Teresa was able to give the caller information for a nearby church. قوانين البوكر بالصور This caller was a recipient of a large mailing of over 30,000 copies of Can We Trust the Bible? sent in May to zip codes across the United States on behalf of churches and individuals. The magazine also offers Bible studies through the mail and a link for online Bible studies through Amazing Facts.

We’ve now received a number of requests for mail-in Bible studies, and we suspect that many more have requested online Bible studies. arabic casino

COVID-19 might have made witnessing a little harder, but Last Generation has continued to be able to send magazines through the mail! Would you pray with us for the thousands who have received Can We Trust the Bible? Call us at (540) 672-5671 for ideas on how to partner with us in witnessing through the mail.