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News Flash: Miracle at Last Generation

Betsy Mayer // October 8, 2020

We have the most amazing answer to prayer to share with you!

During office prayer last Monday, we specifically prayed that God would bless our upcoming issue of Last Generation magazine, “Truth in the Age of Disinformation,” as it was going to go through final approval for printing that same day. We also prayed for more customers and more ways to share the message of truth. beoutq com

As a part of our final sign-off process, we have to put our print order in too. Here is where the miracle starts.

Teresa, our sales and subscription manager, was out of the office for most of Monday due to some unforeseen circumstances. لعبة تركس But before she prepared the print order on Tuesday morning, she started checking voicemail messages and found one from a zip code customer who had called back to add more zip code areas to her order. When this lady heard that “Truth in the Age of Disinformation” was going to press that very day, she asked if she could send copies out to about 15,000 names in her area, more than doubling our regular bi-monthly order of magazines!

We couldn't make any promises to this customer without first checking with our printer. Our printer estimates paper needs based on average orders. كاش يو Typically, if we want to order a quantity that is significantly larger than usual, we have to notify the printer at least a month in advance. So, I shot up a quick prayer and sent an email off to the customer service representative.

His answer came back: Yes, they had just enough to handle this request! What a wonderful blessing for both them and us during this age of COVID-19: The extra business really helps! And more importantly, those 15,000 people need to hear the truth!

But what if Teresa hadn't checked her voicemail before putting in the print order?

All we can do is praise God for His perfect timing!

Keep our little silent missionaries in your fervent prayers! And pray for those 15,000 people who will be getting a surprise visitor in their mailboxes.

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