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Timely LG Helps Subscriber with Gout

Teresa Hargreaves // March 13, 2020

Though Last Generation magazine is not primarily a health magazine, sometimes God uses even one random health article to touch someone who is suffering.

“It has been a real blessing to receive Last Generation magazine. More than you can possibly ever know!” wrote Bob, one of our subscribers.

He went on to describe why he feels this way toward the magazine. Every time he went for a long walk or a jog, he noticed swelling in his fingers and toes and began to wonder what was happening.

After trying unsuccessfully to find a doctor who could properly diagnose him, Bob resorted to asking his mother’s doctor of more than 50 years. But he was told, “I’ve never heard of a case like that before.”

Bob’s disappointment and frustration continued to rise. Soon after that time, a Last Generation magazine showed up in his mailbox! Among the many articles he enjoyed reading was one about chronic inflammation (gout).

“I saw how important [a proper healthful] diet was for my condition.” explained Bob. “So I went on a 21 day fast–no meat, no bread, or hot meals. legjobb kaszinó online I lost about 20 pounds, and my blood sugar dropped from 138 to 94; and my toes which couldn’t move because of my gout now move!”

Bob is more than grateful that Last Generation came just in time!

Please note: Last Generation magazine is written for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.