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Travel Testimony

Teresa Hargreaves // October 29, 2020

With my mom’s 60th birthday approaching, I decided that one of the best gifts I could give her was to show up unexpectedly at my parents’ place to celebrate. So I booked my ticket to fly to Alabama and began making plans. As I packed my bags, I included several copies of Last Generation magazine. I planned to read them myself as I traveled and then personally give them out or leave them for someone else to read.

On the flight, I found myself sitting beside a man and woman who were completely in their own world and unwilling to make conversation.

I was thinking, Lord, who should receive these magazines?

I began reading a previous issue, “Can We Trust the Bible?” Then, I prayed that God would show me someone who needed to read it also.

As I was reading, I noticed one of the flight attendants and felt impressed to give him the magazine. Near the end of my flight (and when I had finished reading the magazine also!), I made my way to the back of the plane and handed him the magazine. I explained that I worked for the company that published it and thought he might enjoy reading it. He looked at the cover with great interest and accepted my gift. I hope that he’ll take the time to read what’s inside!

Last Generation magazines are great witnessing tools! Stock up on a few of your favorite issues, and make sure you carry them whenever you travel. Then, pray for and look for opportunities to give one (or several!) to someone you meet!

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