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The Secret to a Changed Life

How can we successfully follow through on good choices and live a changed life?

Home, A Little Heaven on Earth

Our earthly homes should prepare us for our home in heaven.

The Unknown Reformer

You’ve probably never heard of Jacob Arminius, yet he played a pivotal role in restoring the vital truth of freedom of choice, which was lost during the Dark Ages.

The False Gospels

The Bible warns us to beware of popular perversions of the true Gospel of Christ.

The Tiniest Nation in the World

It may be small, but it plays an enormous role in Bible prophecy.

3 Days and 3 Keys to Undo Diabetes and Restart Your Health

Three days and three goals for a healthy new you!

Life Lines

Health News You Can Use

These Times

A penetrating look at current events in light of Bible Prophecy

My Journey into Space

The marvelous images of space seen through the Hubble telescope exalt our Creator and His creation.