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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Make heaven your first priority. The effort will be well worth it.

The Handwriting on the Wall

Belshazzar knew what he ought to do, but he didn’t do it.

The Amazing Benefits of Charcoal

Who would have suspected that the remnants of burned wood could prove so effective in healing?

Life Lines

Health news you can use

These Times

A penetrating look at current events in the light of Bible prophecy

A Diamond’s Transformation

The way a diamond in the rough is transformed into a sparkling gem is similar to the way God transforms us to reflect His glory.

The Unfinished Story

“But the saints of the Most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever.…” Daniel 7:18.

I Was a Transgender Woman

The reprieve provided by surgery and life as a woman was only temporary

On His Knees Looking Up

The Story of George Müller