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Is It Possible to Keep God’s Law?

“Here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” Revelation 14:12

Whatever Happened to the Ten Commandments?

By the look of things, the law of God has fallen on hard times.

The Most Balanced Person Who Ever Lived

Jesus lived the Law of God every day of His life. He had the guts to be nice—“two-table nice.”

Does Anyone Have the Right to Change God’s Law?

One day your life could be on the line for choosing to follow God’s original, unchanged Law.

Great Christians Speak on the Law of God

What have Christians throughout history said about God’s Law?

Ten Commandments or Ten Suggestions?

Taking a casual attitude towards God’s Law will place you in more peril than a casual attitude towards traffic laws.

Escape from Astrology

I grew more adept at charting astrological predictions. Then one day I worked on my own chart and saw something that petrified me!

Raising Healthy Children

Give them a strong foundation for life-long health.

Is There Hope for the Future?

If life on earth is weighing you down, have you considered looking up?