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Two Gifts from Eden Remain

Not everything was left behind when Adam and Eve were exiled from Eden.

Two Worshipers

The parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector offers us principles for true worship today.

The End-Time Beast of Revelation

If we would know the truth about “the mark,” we must first identify “the beast.”

Is America Mentioned in Bible Prophecy?

Bible Answers to Your Questions

The Mark of the Beast

What is it?

Does Anyone Have the Right to Change God’s Law?

It’s a question of human versus Divine authority.

Sabbath Before Sinai

At Creation—more than two thousand years before Sinai—God blessed the seventh day as a day of worship and rest for all people.

How to Escape the Mark

When the vast majority is worshiping the beast, only a remnant will escape his mark and the plagues that follow. How can we be among them?

What Happens to Those Who Receive the Mark of the Beast?

Will they be tormented in the lake of fire forever?