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Your Brain on Media

Do you find the Bible boring? Are you struggling to maintain your Christian experience? You might be a media addict!

Technology Can Rob Your Child of Life Skills

An early childhood educator shares her own story about the devastating impact of technology on children.

Screens vs. Childhood

Of course parents should put controls on the internet; but what if the internet itself turns out to be bad for childhood?

You Are Not a Rat

But digital tech developers use what they’ve learned about rats to keep you scrolling and clicking!

Screens vs You

How can we prevent digital media from controlling and distorting our lives?

The Roots of My Social Media Addiction

Perhaps if I keep texting my friends and posting on social media, they’ll realize that I'm not socially awkward or "different,” I thought.

The Secret to a Changed Life

How can we successfully follow through on good choices and live a changed life?

Home, A Little Heaven on Earth

Our earthly homes should prepare us for our home in heaven.

The Unknown Reformer

You’ve probably never heard of Jacob Arminius, yet he played a pivotal role in restoring the vital truth of freedom of choice, which was lost during the Dark Ages.