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Conformed or Transformed: The Subtle Impact of City Living

Science and the history of early cities concur: the city lifestyle impacts us more than we realize.

The Second Adam

Clothing His divinity with the liability of humanity, Christ willingly passed over the ground where Adam fell and redeemed Adam’s failure.

When will Paradise be restored on earth?

Bible Answers to Your Questions

God’s Garden Classroom

Green classrooms are not a new idea; they are as old as the Garden of Eden.

Why was the ground cursed for our sake?

Bible Answers to Your Questions.

Reclaiming God’s Image

“So God created man in His own image.…Male and female created He them.” Genesis 1:27.

Who Has Your Heart?

The Bible gives timeless principles on how to relate to our money and possessions.

God’s Math

How can less be more? Jarrod and Violet are still trying to figure it out!

Should children be given allowances?

Bible Answers to Your Questions.