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The Rat Story

I decided going to bed was out of the question until I eliminated the stench.

This Little Light of Mine

When God’s light is inside of us, even the darkness is light around us!

The Book That Changed My Life

I found it in a cave while living as a recluse and never dreamed that it would lead me into full-time gospel ministry.

“I Am The Truth”

Every doctrine and verse of the Bible revolves around Jesus—the Bible’s great center.

The Reality Wars

Can we bend “truth” to suit our feelings and preferences?

Artificial Truth

How deepfakes, AI, and virtual reality are contributing to an organized onslaught against truth.

The Incarnation Test

Why did God send His Son disguised as a peasant to share the truth of salvation?

Beware of False Prophets

The Bible provides a number of ways in which false prophets can be detected.

“What Is Truth?”