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From Persecutor to Apostle

A converted Pharisee named Saul once hated Christians so vehemently that he orchestrated their deaths.

The Battle of Armageddon

Is it a final battle in the Middle East or something much bigger?

God Has Only Had One Church

What do Jesus, James, John, Jude, Mark, Matthew, Peter, and Paul have in common?

That Pocket Bible

My life was never the same after someone gave me my first Bible.

Losing the Light

Bible reading dropped off steeply during the pandemic and hasn’t recovered. Why?

Spirit and Life

Jesus didn’t just know the Scriptures—He depended on them for His very life!

Daring to Live by Every Word

Living a life shaped by God’s Word

Can We Trust the Bible?

Can a book written thousands of years ago still be considered a reliable message from God today? 

The Scriptures, Our Safeguard

We cannot trust the guidance of any church council, bishop, or teacher unless they are directing us to God’s infallible Word.