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The Taiping Christians

In the early 19th century, God sent a message of Christianity to China.

Early Christianity in China

The Church of the East was very influential in the spread of the gospel in early centuries.

Why Does God Allow Suffering in Our Lives?

God changed my perspective on the painful experiences I had endured.

Life Lines

Health News You Can Use.

These Times

A penetrating look at current events in light of Bible prophecy.

Cycles of Fear

If your trust is anchored in God’s Word, the fearful news of yet another crisis will not overwhelm your faith.

When I Consider the Heavens

The God who calls millions of stars by name knows your name too!

Why Trust the Bible?

The Bible's predictions, stellar medical advice, and unfailing promises speak not only to its divine authorship, but also to you and me personally.

Is the Bible Still Relevant for Our World?