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Cities of Destruction

The stories of three Bible cities illustrate what will happen at the end of time and how we should respond.

By Dave Westbrook

According to the Bible, things are only going to get worse on this planet before Jesus returns. But did you know that cities will be the focal point of this trouble?

In speaking of the end times, the Bible uses three cities as illustrations of what will happen and how people should respond. As we compare the stories of these three cities, a clear pattern emerges that will help you know what to expect and what to do to be prepared.

Sodom and Gomorrah 

The first city that the Bible points to as an illustration of end-time events is really a pair of cities that are often thought of together. We could refer to them as “twin cities,” namely Sodom and Gomorrah. You can read more about these cities in Genesis 19.

Before He destroyed any city, God always sent a warning. Those who heeded it were saved.

Even today

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About the author

Dave Westbrook is an author, international speaker, and founder of Country Living University. He lives with his wife, Laura, and their daughter, Allison, in Idaho. For more information about how you can move out of the city and start enjoying a country lifestyle with your family, visit