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Windows on the Creator

The Moth

“Dear God, thank You for that fragile little aviator.”

By Hélène Thomas

Life is challenging. Today especially. I won’t bore you with the list of my stressors. Your own list will do. The point is, I just saw something that planted courage right exactly where my “can’t bone” was buried. I want you to see it too.

Everybody else is asleep. The house we’re lodging in smells musty and cobwebby. Thunder and lightning woke me and now punctuate my woebegone musings. 

Unable to find anything to wear amongst the tumbled mess in my suitcase, I tiptoe out and risk life and limb on the unfamiliar, uneven steps down to the cluttered old garage. I stumble through the boxes to the creaky walk-in door. Maybe there’s something out in the car I can wear.

But it’s raining hard. For a long time I stand in the doorway, listening to a million five-foot corn stalks whipping in the

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About the author

Hélène Thomas writes from Seale, Alabama, where she finds courage and faith to walk with God through both His Word and His marvelous creation.