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Magazine Missionaries

Betsy Mayer // September 4, 2020

In Oregon, a Seventh-day Adventist unfamiliar with Last Generation who also works for the post office found a number of copies of Can We Trust the Bible? in the reception area trashcan. Unknown to her, a fellow member in her area had sponsored the mailing, and box holders who weren’t interested had thrown them out unread. ivermectina gotas dosis Curious, she took one home. The more she read, the more she was convinced that it was published by Seventh-day Adventists. The next morning, she arrived early and rescued all the rest of the discarded copies and took them to her weekly Bible study group to share with other members looking for good witnessing material! ivermectin salbe

Over in Massachusetts, Ron,* a literature missionary, worked with his local post office to identify specific route numbers in his community to which he wanted to send Can We Trust the Bible? We are now partnering with Ron to send copies route by route as he can finance them.

Another literature missionary in South Dakota read Ron’s story in one of our blog posts and was inspired to do the same with 5,000 names in her area!

We can organize zip code mailings to your area for less than 75 cents a magazine, including shipping. Mailings of 5,000 or more magazines qualify for discounts. Contact us for ideas on how to partner with us in witnessing through the mail. Email us at or call us at 540-672-5671.

*Name has been changed