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“The bus is gone.… Jon’s gone…helicopter…everything’s gone!” my daughter-in-law, Alex, wailed through my phone.

By Hélène Thomas

July 6, 2020: dark-30 in the morning. Some notification kept pinging. Clearly, it was not going to stop. I got up and found my phone. It appeared to be Alex, my daughter-in-law, using Facebook Messenger: “Please send me your phone number.” 

Alex had my phone number. This must be a scam. But it kept repeating. Oddly, I felt impressed to just send the number.

Instantly my phone rang from some Oregon number. The voice was Alex’s voice, but I had never heard anything like this. She would say two or three words, and then wail out things I couldn’t understand. All I could make out was “Jon” … “Bus gone”… “Jon gone” … “Helicopter” … “Everything’s gone.” 

My heart was in the pit of my stomach as I yelled, “Alex! Where are you? Where is Jon? Where is Errol? What happened?” 

It finally came clear that she was in

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About the author

Hélène Thomas lives in Seale, Alabama and enjoys sharing stories of God’s amazing power and intervention.