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Life of Faith

Responding to the Missionary Call

Some are called to stay, others are called to go.

By Kasey Norton

The afternoon was quiet. The girls had gone to the house of friends to help with yard work. The only older boy still living at home had gone to the YMCA and then to his brother’s house for the evening. The three little boys were outside working, playing, and imagining. They’d been at it for hours and I was left alone.

Alone with my thoughts. Alone with my prayers. Alone with my God.

I looked around the house—the one that now sits with a For Sale sign by the sparsely traveled mountain road as we respond to the call every overseas missionary has heard. And as I looked, I was hit square in the face with all the memories, not just from the house itself, but in the items contained within its walls. This place holds the culmination of a lifetime of family built over

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About the author

Kasey Norton and her family have been missionaries in Sukhothai, Thailand, since 2019. In that time God has added to their family 11 Thai children, a church plant, an English language school, a food ministry, and a soon-to-be-licensed children’s home. Track the work God is doing in Sukhothai at