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3 Better Reasons to Live Frugally

What’s the meaning of saving money if all it does is benefit oneself?

By Alistair Huong

Why should I live on less than what I make?

Why should I keep a budget when I’m doing fine?

Why should I save more money than I’m already saving?

Why deprive myself when I can afford to live a little?

These are all good questions. After all, what’s the point of “saving the crumbs”1 if frugal living is simply masochism with no purpose? If you’ve perused any of the thousands of personal finance blogs out there on the Internet, you’ve more than likely come across frugality pundits who lay out their most persuasive arguments for why you should live more economically and save more money than you’re saving already. Here are some of the most common reasons I’ve come across:

  • To be able to spend more time with loved ones
  • To be prepared for emergencies
  • To prepare for big life events (e.g
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  1. See John 6:5–14 where Jesus instructed His disciples to gather up the fragments from feeding the 5,000.

About the author

Alistair Huong is the executive director of AudioVerse, a nonprofit ministry that offers sermons, videos, and other powerful spiritual resources for listeners. He also serves as a financial planner at AdventEdge Financial, LLC. This post has been adapted with permission from his personal finance blog,