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Examine Your Priorities

Are the cares and distractions of this life killing your soul?

3 Better Reasons to Live Frugally

What’s the meaning of saving money if all it does is benefit oneself?

Responding to the Missionary Call

Some are called to stay, others are called to go.

Strange Fire

Are the teachings of Christ and the modern Olympic games compatible?

Choosing Joy

Feelings come and go, but our choices can change our outlook on life.

Training Hearts and Hands

Teaching your children to love work and service

Many Paths to Heaven?

Actually, the way to eternal life is quite exclusive.

26 Lead Soldiers

The invention of the humble printing press gave the world a weapon against civil and religious tyranny.

1,221° Fahrenheit

“The bus is gone.… Jon’s gone…helicopter…everything’s gone!” my daughter-in-law, Alex, wailed through my phone.