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Our Food Fixation

How our culture of excess is shaping the way we eat, and what we can do about it

Life Lines

Health News You Can Use

These Times

A penetrating look at current events in light of Bible prophecy

Glorious, Dazzling, Spectacular Light!

When God created light, He created the laws of chemistry, physics, and mathematics as they relate to our planet, Earth.

The Downside of Abundance

My international students have taught me much about the dangers of abundance.

Mrs. Potiphar

She had it all. And yet, she knew she was nothing more than a piece of property—until she caught a glimpse of Jehovah through the life of a Hebrew slave.

The Heavenly Bridegroom

Cosmic Bully or Loving Suitor?

Does Purgatory Exist?

Do the dead need our prayers, penitence, and payments to ensure their entrance into heaven?

The Story behind Hell and Mr. Fudge

Will God keep millions of men, women, and children alive in a place resembling a fiery furnace? I needed to know.