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Eating Well in the 21st Century

Is it possible that our great-grandparents were eating more optimally than we are?

Prison Couldn’t Stop Them!

Brave Virginia preachers, who wouldn’t stop preaching even though they were imprisoned and fined, helped the new nation develop its famous principles of religious liberty.

Is Your Home God’s House?

By allowing Christ’s unselfish love to flow through you, your home can be a sanctuary where God delights to dwell.

From Victim to Victor

I lost four children to a wanton teenage killing spree. Here are ten principles that helped me transition from a victim to a victor!

Finding Peace with God

Do you long to be forgiven and cleansed from sin—to be set free from selfishness and pride?

The Lamb vs The Dragon and the Mark of the Beast

Bible prophecy exposes Satan’s last desperate effort to win in his war against Christ.

The Sure Word of Bible Prophecy

Where should we turn for answers when world events become chaotic and trusted sources of information contradict one another?

The Beast Behind the Mark

If we would know the truth about “the mark,” we must first identify “the beast.”

Is America in Bible Prophecy?

What role, if any, will the United States of America play in the final events of Bible Prophecy?