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Life of Faith

Solving Our Sin Problem

Through the sanctuary, God reveals His wonderful plan to destroy sin without destroying those He loves.

By W. D. Frazee

Have you ever thought about what you are worth to God?

A number of years ago in Venezuela, a father paid $900,000 to ransom his 13-year-old boy who had been kidnapped. Was he worth it?

Suppose someone had approached him with this offer: “Sir, I think I can save you a whole lot of money and find you a boy who will cost you only a thousand dollars.”

Would the father have shown any interest? Not at all! He was not looking for a boy. He was looking for his own boy!

Why did God pay such an infinite ransom for the human race? To understand, we must recognize God’s purpose in our creation. God made man for fellowship with Himself. Concerning Israel of old, God said, “This people have I formed for Myself.” Isa. 43:21. Yes, “the Lord takes pleasure in His people.” Ps. 149:4.

Yet each person is different. Did

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  1. Adapted with permission from the publisher of Ransom and Reunion Through the Sanctuary, by Elder W. D. Frazee. For a thorough understanding of the plan of salvation illustrated by God through the earthly sanctuary service, purchase the book at, or call 540-672-3566.

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