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Honoring God in Your Will

Christians should plan now for the best use of their resources after their death.

By Ellen G. White

The making of wills is a matter that we should consider carefully. We should not treat it as a delicate question that should not be introduced, fearing to create nervousness with feeble persons whose span of life is nearly run out.

Those having means should consider all the probabilities regarding life, and the proper use of their means, and make everything right, clear, and thorough as the Lord’s responsible agents. All that you and I possess of talents is loaned us on trust that we may trade with it. By improving these talents we acquire more talents to invest for the Lord.

Time is short. I have a message to my Christian brothers and sisters, whose life history must soon close. Is it not best to set your house in order? Look well into these matters. What disposition are you making of the Lord’s capital of means? Consider

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About the author

Ellen G. White (1827–1915) was a Christian educator, speaker, and author whose inspirational writings have been translated into 100 languages. Original source: The Gospel Herald, December 1, 1901.