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Inherit the Glory

After evil is eternally destroyed, God promises to re-create a brand-new world with no pain, sin, death, or sadness as an inheritance for His children.

By Jeff Wehr and Betsy Mayer

The plot of any good thriller concludes when the villain is vanquished and the hero destroys his evil regime. But when Christ is finally victorious over the devil and evil, the story is still not over!

That’s why the book of Revelation doesn’t end with chapter 20, which describes the awful and eternal second death of Satan and his followers in the lake of fire. As important as that is, that’s not the end of the story! 

Revelation 21 and 22 are God’s promise that delivering us from evil includes restoring everything that Satan has ruined and more. The Bible begins in Genesis with the loss of Eden, and it ends in Revelation with Eden restored. The plan includes moving the Holy City containing God’s throne to this sin-cursed earth and then restoring the planet along with its lovely garden, Eden, to its former glory. 


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About the authors

Jeff Wehr is a pastor, chaplain, and Bible teacher. Betsy Mayer is the managing editor of Last Generation magazine.