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Tell Of His Power

The Day My Dressmaker Prayed

“I think I will commit suicide,” I told my dressmaker. “I can’t live with this pain!”

By By Bianca Stoicescu, as translated by Adriana Timsa Zoder

I always wanted to know if there was a God in this world. I did not insist on finding out, though, because I was afraid of the consequences—how should I handle Him if He existed? Worse yet, what would happen if I concluded He did not exist?

The firm decision to look for God came in 1990. The death of a dear cousin shook me, setting me on my quest. Of the ten passengers injured while traveling in a van, she was the only one who died. She was just 19.

The Search Begins

I told myself that there had to be a reason, otherwise our world is sheer mockery. Although my religious background was Eastern European Orthodox, my first thought was to become a nun.

I had this idea that one is closer to God in a monastery. But the life of nuns seemed unhappy, so I took another step

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About the author

Bianca is a pastor’s wife living in Romania. Adriana, her sister, writes from Tennessee, USA.