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Courthouse Commandments

Would public displays of the Ten Commandments curb the lawlessness of our times?

Among all the writings of the Bible, there is a most sacred treasure—the Ten Commandments. First engraved on two tables of stone, it is the only document given to mankind whose burning letters were carved by the very finger of Jehovah Himself.

Most of the civil laws in any society are based on these simple commands. They give us our sense of right and wrong. Even the atheist admires the moral principles they contain.

Since this is true, should not monuments of these Commandments be displayed in every courthouse in the land? Would not these reminders serve to curb the lawlessness of our times?

An Age of Lawlessness

There is no question that we live in an age of moral darkness and base lawlessness. Once, shoplifting and thievery were thought to be products of joblessness, homelessness, and illiteracy. But while college enrollments increase, so does the prison population. Young

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About the author

Eric Betts was pastoring in Washington, D.C. when he wrote this article.