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Whatever Happened to the Ten Commandments?

By the look of things, the law of God has fallen on hard times.

Recently, a radio host asked clergy from a variety of faiths to list the Ten Commandments. The majority could only list seven of them. Some did far worse. Only the Jewish Rabbi got them all, and in order!

As this radio program revealed, the Ten Commandments have fallen on hard times. And if religious leaders who claim to represent God have such a poor grasp of His commandments, is it any wonder that the societies in which they minister are fast falling into lawlessness and perversion?

And why should we be surprised by this? Shamefully, all that many have heard about the Law of God from Christian pulpits is that it was nailed to the cross and Christians are no longer obligated to keep it!

This was not the case among great Christian leaders and their followers down through the centuries. “The Law has sustained no diminution of its authority

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About the author

The late Dr. Colin Standish was a pastor and an educator, serving as president of several Christian colleges. Betsy Mayer is the managing editor of Last Generation.