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Jet Fighters of the Insect World

Dragonflies remind me of the armor of God and His power to overcome the enemy of my soul.

“Lie to Me”

What happens when we are only willing to accept a version of truth that aligns with our feelings?

Can Dead People Talk?

Does the intelligent part of our nature continue after we die? Can our dead loved ones still communicate with us?

Captive to a Calling: The William Wilberforce Story

But for the grace of God, the political leader of the British anti-slavery movement would have been just another self-absorbed aristocrat.

A Soldier for Christ

Surrendering to Christ changed Di Yay’s desire for justice into a longing to glorify God.

Solving the World’s Greatest Problem

No amount of money, political will, education, or military might can solve the root cause of the world’s problems—sin!

Radical, Unsinkable Faith

Straight from the heart of Jesus—it’s the only faith that will take us through the storms of life and endure to the end.

5 Pillars of Victory Over Sin

Victory is claiming the power of God’s Word to change the repentant heart—and then cooperating with that Word to do what you can’t.

The DNA of a True Christian

Without receiving God’s DNA of self-sacrificing love, we cannot enter heaven.