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“Bad Bob” and the Bible

What is the power behind God’s Word? How does studying the truths of the Bible transform our characters?

How Do I Know if I’ve Committed the Unpardonable Sin?

Answers to Your Questions

From Cowardice to Courage

What the Holy Spirit did for a fearful group of disciples hiding in the upper room, He can still do for you!

What Does the Bible Teach About “Speaking in Tongues”?

Answers to Your Questions

John Huss: A Light Dawns in Europe

One man’s willingness to die for truth laid the foundation for a worldwide movement of freedom.

He’ll Do It Again!

Right before Jesus returns, the Holy Spirit will once again empower God’s people to share the gospel in a blaze of glory.

Salvation in the Sanctuary

The heavenly sanctuary illuminates the joint efforts of all three divine Persons in our salvation from sin.


And what they teach me about the body of Christ

Could Two Christians Ever Be “Unequally Yoked” in Marriage?

Why a young Christian woman broke off her engagement to a seemingly wonderful Christian man.