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From Victim to Victor

I lost four children to a wanton teenage killing spree. Here are ten principles that helped me transition from a victim to a victor!

By Joy Swift

I used to be a murder victim!

Some of you are already asking, “How can you be a murder victim and still be alive?” It’s because the killers didn’t kill me. They killed my children. Two young men entered my house one evening and gunned them down. 

Like so many other crimes that leave victims behind, the perpetrators of this crime had no real motive for their actions. One of the murderers was my 12-year-old son’s best friend. His accomplice didn’t even know the children’s names. Yet, he was willing to help kill four innocent children, ranging in age from seven months to 14 years, who were sitting in their own living room watching television.

When the carnage was over, four victims lay dead. But many more victims were left alive to cope with the tragedy and to deal with indescribable grief.

Being a victim

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About the author

Joy Swift is a writer, public speaker, and independent sewing contractor. She lives in Bitterroot Valley, Montana with her husband, George.