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Eat Your Fill and Still Lose Weight?

A recent study by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has shown that a plant-based diet can be an important key to weight loss. The 64 women who participated each changed nothing more than the content of their diet – with great results! Reducing fat intake by replacing the use of animal products with plant-based foods and minimizing the use of oils were the keys to their weight loss. Participants lost on average one pound per week and maintained a healthier weight after a gradual loss over a two-year period. As a result of their diet and weight loss, they experienced a reduction in blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, triglycerides, and cholesterol. While eating a plant-based diet definitely takes commitment, the improvement in health that results is worth it!

Source: Susan Levin, MS, RD, CSSD, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, 2022.

Cabbage Leaf Wraps for Arthritic Joints 

One of the most common chronic diseases among older adults is osteoarthritis of the knee.

A new study vindicates that the “poor man’s poultice” or cabbage leaf wraps can effectively decrease the pain related to osteoarthritis. In the study, patients were randomly assigned to either a topical pain relief gel, cabbage leaf wraps, or nothing. The control group that used cabbage leaves experienced as much relief as the topical pain relief gel at much less cost, leading the National Library of Medicine to recommend the use of cabbage leaf wraps as a treatment for osteoarthritis. 

The positive effect of the cabbage is the result of the anti-inflammatory properties it and other cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, bok choy, kale, and cauliflower contain. Eating them also reduces joint inflammation.

Source:  Michael Greger, M.D.,, May 24, 2022.

Eight Ways to Stay Active in a Sedentary Job

Physical inactivity is closely linked to the development of many chronic diseases. Turn your sedentary office life into active workdays:

  1. Phone-walking: move as you talk.
  2. Half-hour challenge: every half-hour do 2 min. of physical activity like walking or jogging in place, jumping jacks, standing up and sitting down from your chair, push-ups from the edge of your desk, or several 30-sec. wall sits.
  3. Lunchtime walk: spend the first half of your lunch break walking outside (preferred) or inside. 
  4. Office-space mini-fitness center: equip your office with resistance bands, small hand weights, a jump rope.
  5. Exchange your office chair for a resistance therapy ball. 
  6. Create a standing work environment. 
  7. Start an office walking club. 
  8. Meeting time = standing time. 

Source: Dominique Wakefield MA, CPT, Life & Health Network, October 28, 2014.

Social Stretches to Combat Anxiety 

Social stretching is going a little outside of one’s comfort zone toward connecting with other human beings. It’s a powerful tool for combating depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Here are examples of social stretches you can do on a daily basis: 

  • Strike up a conversation at a bus stop.
  • Let people go first in line and smile.
  • Ask a service person their first name and use it.
  • Ask for directions and thank the person.
  • Call or message a friend just to say hi.
  • Wave at neighbors.
  • Bring a small gift to a neighbor.
  • Reach out to a helper-type and offer to pray for them.

Try implementing a social stretch every day and see if it doesn’t lift your spirits!

Source: Jennifer Schwirzer, Life & Health Network, September 17, 2021.

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